Center Stage East Bay

Center Stage's Mission and Vision


Center Stages's mission is to provide mentorship to youth through inclusive community-based performing arts.

 Youth ages 14-20 have the opportunity to create, perform, design, and manage creative or business tasks. Through the process of putting on theatrical productions, youth are intentionally guided to achieve maturity.



Our Vision is establishing a mindful organization of youth performers, technicians, and business-minded collaborators.

    The three branches of Center Stage are Creators, Performers, and Technicians

  • Creators - directors, poets, playwrights, and songwriters that create stories - as well as the business managers of the organization

  • Performers - actors, singers, and dancers that bring stories to life

  • Technicians - lights, sound, house, and backstage that elevate stories to theater



Center Stage East Bay didn't start out as the organization that is today. It once was a drama department of LVCP (Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory where it put on many musicals and plays. The generation currently running Center Stage took part in the musical Little Shop of Horrors and short plays of that year, but with the closure of Charter they sought after a new school and became the Drama department for Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area. Under this Department, they performed Short Plays 2017 and Anything Goes. After the closing of Squaw Valley, it was realized that the best way to ensure the survival of the beloved program would be to open it to the community. With the support of Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center and a passion for the arts and keeping this amazing family together, Center Stage East Bay was born.

Our Team

Center Stage East Bay is a community-wide group that aims to inspire others.

We have our C.E.O Anya Worley who is our first leader of this organization, our Creative director Micaelan Schreckengost, Our C.O.O Sean Pascual, our C.F.O Blanchard Kenfack

and our amazing board to run Center Stage Collab making it a wonderful community 


2400 First St, Livermore, CA 94550


Tel: 925-519-4524

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